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First Step:

Once you decide to contact us for a consultation for assessment/therapy, you will reach Christina on the phone. She will take your phone number, and address, and book the initial assessment time. If you have questions about clinical issues, Christina will transfer you to Warren, or have Warren call back when available.

The Initial Assessment:

Warren will meet with you at your home, or an agreed upon meeting place. You will fill out a contact information sheet, and a contract for services agreed upon including cost of services, and payment arrangements agreed upon. For clients, these services are broken into the assessment, which includes a two hour meeting to take the history, and a one hour followup to review the report, and discuss any needed editing to the report. Reflecting your experience accurately is very important at Continuum. If ongoing services are desired, that will be an additional contract.


If ongoing services are agreed upon, the contract is extended. The treatment plan is agreed upon and can be modified at any time. Progress is reviewed .


The cost and payment options are agreed upon prior to doing any work. There will be no surprises. Clients pay for direct face to face time and the amount of time the appointment was scheduled for. You will not be billed extra if we go a few minutes over. Larger chunks of time can be flexed into later sessions when things are going better and less time is needed. Any reports written, or consultation with other professionals is included in the face to face time price (exceptions would be agreed upon in advance in rare cases with large time requirements.) Clients pay for services and will receive a receipt to submit to your insurance provider. Recognizing that finances are often an issue, we do offer some convenient payment options. If needed, you can be billed on paydays for services used since the last payment, rather than paying at the end of each session. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Debit transactions. We also accept e-mail money transfers, and can even arrange PayPal if needed. Cash and cheques are also accepted. We will work with your insurance provider if needed, and can assist in arranging sources of funding, such as FSCD, if appropriate. Do not assume you cannot afford quality services. We will assist you in any way we can to make our services accessible. For those without private insurance, a year-end statement can be provided for your tax return, as these services are considered a medical expense.

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